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Google Engage and Google Ad Certified

Google Adwords

New Web Experts of Palm Springs, California, is proud to announce our new affiliation with Google Engage. Google Engage is a new program set up by Google for website companies and administrators. Google Engage was made to help website companies support their clients with Google AdWords' resources, education, and management tools. This is a very exciting service offered by Google for businesses, and we are excited to make use of it for our clients.


In addition to joining the Google Engage program, the website developers of New Web Experts are in the process of getting Google AdWords Certification. Google AdWords Certification is earned after finishing a number of education courses and tests from Google about utilizing Google AdWords. The benefits of this certification will help New Web Expert's clients who are using or are thinking about using Google AdWords.

With the addition of these Google resources and tools, New Web Experts continues to be one of the leading website and e-marketing services in the Palm Springs – Southern California area. If you are interested in Google AdWords or online ad campaigns please contact us today.

John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather New Website

John Bianchi Frontier GunleatherLegend of the firearm industry – John Bianchi – has come to us to redesign his ecommerce website. The father of the modern gun holster, John Bianchi is a pioneer in his industry. Having long retired from his corporate business, he now makes custom western gunleather. The gunbelts and holsters he makes are amazing, and he needed to redesign his website and ecommerce to help reflect that. Being local to the Palm Springs, California area; we began work on redesigning John Bianchi’s Frontier Gunleather website and ecommerce system.

Wanting to keep the essence of their original design, our web designers vastly improved on the existing design. While maintaining the original feel we were able to make the website more user-friendly and accessible for online business. Using Ecwid, a state-of-the-art ecommerce system, we were able to increase the capability of his online store with a more effective system that is very user-friendly and easy to update. Our website design team is now hard at work helping John Bianchi with his social networking for Frontier Gunleather by assisting with their Facebook and Twitter exposure. It has been a pleasure to help John Bianchi recreate his website into a more effective design. We hope to do similar website projects like his in the future as we continue building some of the best websites available in Palm Springs, California.

Need a website with advanced ecommerce capability? If you are in the Palm Springs or Southern California area and are in need of some online marketing consultation or services, be sure to contact us.

Important questions to ask about your website is a leading online marketing team helping businesses and individuals in the Palm Springs, Southern California area and beyond to help increase their business. With the new year, the New Web Experts online marketing team receives a lot of questions from clients who want to improve their online marketing and business. Most inquiries revolve around the central hub of your online marketing: the website.

To help our clients and our readers, we wanted to relay some of the most important questions to consider when attempting a successful online marketing campaign. Here are four questions we ask every client when they consider a website or want to improve their existing website and online marketing.

Set Goals

What is the goal of your website?

This is often the most obvious question but also the most overlooked. What is the goal of your desired website? What do you plan to accomplish by having a website? Is it to distribute information? Do you want to sell products online? Are you looking to attract more business? This question must be answered thoughtfully, truthfully and carefully to get your online marketing efforts on the right track.

Know your audience

Who is your target audience?

This question helps answer the first as it goes hand in hand with your goals. Do you know who your target audience is? Who do you hope to sell your products or services to? What are some distinguishing characteristics that are common amongst your returning customers?

Return Visits

Why should viewers come back to visit your site?

Return visits and increased traffic are vital to a successful website. Are you giving your viewers a REASON to come back to your website? You have to update your website regularly with relevant information to keep people coming back. Otherwise your website will be lost in internet obscurity, which does nothing to help your business.

Viewer Interaction

How can you interact and engage your visitors?

With the advent of social networking and other useful online tools, there is no reason to have a static website! Widgets, modules and components are available to help engage your visitors and increase interaction. This is another vital part to the last question, as it helps retain visitors who will hopefully turn into clients. Commenting, bookmarking and social networking all fall under this category.

By answering these questions, the New Web Experts online marketing team can help individuals and businesses clearly define their goals and assist them in creating a website tailored to their needs. If you are in the Palm Springs, Southern California area and are in need of some online marketing consultation or services, be sure to contact us.

What does it take to sell my products online?

Many clients often come to New Web Experts looking for ecommerce solutions. You don’t have to be a large company to have a successful online store. With today’s technology, there are a variety of options available for people who want to sell their goods or services online. However, before you dive into it, there are some things you should know and consider before starting an online store. Here are some basic tips and considerations to keep in mind if you want to start an online store.

Shopping Online

  1. Have your business model thought out and organized. We often get website clients who say they have a great idea or want to sell their product(s) online without organizing their business first. Make sure you think through your strategy for going online. You can always contact New Web Experts for consultation on ecommerce and conducting business online.

  2. Consider your shipping options. Too many times have we seen clients jump into converting their business online but have not considered effective shipping. Check with Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and other shipping carriers to see which ones offer the best rates and options for you.

  3. Find a good shopping cart system. There are many shopping cart systems available with many different options and pay grades. Do your research and find the right one for you! If you need assistance with choosing the right shopping cart ecommerce solution, please contact New Web Experts.

  4. Get a merchant account. To handle online transactions and make sure financial data is secure, you will need a reliable merchant account. Like shopping cart systems, merchant accounts vary from service provider and often charge a certain percentage per transaction.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when making the leap to online selling. There are many resources and services out there that offer great support at affordable prices or even free. Contact today for help setting up your online ecommerce solution.

Smart Phone security

New Web Experts has briefly touched on tips for better using your smart phone. Our computer consulting team runs into more and more cases regarding smart phone setup, training and usage. The most popular topic however regarding smart phones has been smart phone security.

Security Smart Phones

The modern smart phone (such as the iPhone and Android powered phones) is starting to develop similar utility and power as our home computers. People can now browse the internet, check their email, get directions, listen to music and even befuddle amusing animated cats all from the palm of their hand thanks to their smart phones. With all this data being streamed one has to wonder how secure it all is. With assorted media outlets bringing to light various privacy issues, security vulnerabilities and ability to spy on your person through the power of your phone has many of our clients wonder what they can do to make their phone more secure! Here are a few tips to help make sure when you use your smart phone, you are using it securely.

  1. Know the apps you use intimately: You should do your share of research before grabbing a new app on your smart phone. Does the app require login and password? Does the app constantly stream data and updates to your phone? Does the app hold any personal or financial information? Just because everyone is using it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some hidden risks. Make sure the app provider has a privacy, terms and conditions statement that you can check to see if the app constantly streams to you or if it holds any of your valuable account data. Don’t bog your smart phone down with a ton of apps as not only does this compromise performance and battery life but also can open you up to more security threats.
  2. Use strong passwords and don’t save your passwords in your phone: Although inconvenient at times, having a strong password (at least 6 characters, using numbers, letters, capitalization and punctuation if available) is your first line of defense when securing your smart phone (or any other computing device). Make sure you memorize these passwords, and that they are not written in plain sight. If at all possible, for even more security, get into the habit of entering your password every time in order to login or launch an app. If your phone were ever infiltrated or hijacked this will ensure they do not get an all-access pass to all your data, accounts and apps.
  3. Look into Remote Wipe options: If your phone were ever stolen, your data could very well be compromised. Your accounts, passwords, financial information and your very identity could be at risk! That’s why it is a smart move to research any Remote Wiping options your phone or carrier service may have. Remote Wipe is the ability to wipe out the data on your phone remotely in case it was stolen or lost. A few third-party providers include Lookout Mobile Security, NotifyMDM and Zenprise. Apple has their own service through their MobileMe/Cloud service.
  4. Consider an antivirus for your phone: Who would ever have thought there would be a day that your phone would need to have an antivirus program? That time is now, as more and more people are using smart phones so are the hackers catching on to the fact that smart phones are a lot easier to infiltrate than their PC desktop brethren. You may want to consider an antivirus program for your smart phone. The aforementioned Lookout Mobile Security provides some protection against viruses, spyware and malware on your smart phone. The security giants are also developing mobile security services such as AVG and Symantec. Do your research and see which one would work best for your phone.

Dead Phone

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