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The dangers of e-fraud and identity theft

Protect your computer and your data

Having an active computer consulting team in the Palm Springs – Southern California area, New Web Experts gets to experience firsthand a number of various threats and problems with computers. At an alarming rate, we are noticing a rising number of attempts on client’s identities and bank accounts. With this we thought we should touch on the subject of e-fraud, identity theft and similar computer threats in this digital age. More importantly we will offer some vital tips on protecting yourself from becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Safety Tip #1) Protect your computer: Make sure your computer is protected with a valid antivirus and anti-spyware program. Keeping your computer clean of bugs helps go a long way to keeping your identity and information safe.

Strong Protection and PasswordsSafety Tip #2) Use Strong Passwords: Most computer security experts agree that one of the leading causes of identity theft and having your accounts hacked is by having a vulnerable password. You should follow the guidelines that the website or service has for creating passwords but also make sure it has numbers and even capitalized letters. This makes it harder for your password to be guessed or hacked.


Safety Tip #3) Learn to ID a scam or phish scheme: Opening a phony email or clicking on an infected link can easily infect your computer with a virus or involve you in a phishing attempt to steal your identity. Even worse your private information may be leaked and your accounts compromised. Be sure not to open suspicious email, even if they come from someone you know. Most companies will not request your personal or security information through email, so always call your banks or other financial institutions if you get a strange email claiming it’s from them.

Online Fraud Can Hit Smart Phones

If you suspect you were targeted for or victim of e-fraud, please give New Web Experts a call. We can help secure your computer and train you in safer online practices. More importantly, learn how to protect yourself from online scammers, fraud, phishers and more. If you are local to the Palm Springs or Southern California area, we may be able to meet or conduct a training class for your home or office. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Find my business online - Get onto online directories

Online SearchAnyone who’s done an online search will notice that search engines are beginning to localize your search results. You may often get a map or directory of local businesses or locations relating to your search. If people do not find you through your website directly, they may find you under a business map location, business listing or directory. This makes getting your business listed online is one of the best ways to get your business noticed on the world wide web.

Now you may ask, “How do I get my business listed online?”. Well, the truth is you may already be listed. If your business has been publicly established for a while, your business may currently be listed in certain directory websites. The larger directories such as and may have your business listed as part of public information. Try searching directories such as these, and if you find your business you should see if you can claim the listing since you are the business owner. There will be a verification process to prevent fraud and some directories may charge a fee, but most are free. Grabbing control of your business listing and making sure essential information such as address, contact information and website url is kept up-to-date.

Google Places and MapsMapquest

Most map business locations will require a sign up and verification process to list your business at your address. Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo, Map Quest are some of the most popular online map services you should consider. If you need any assistance in getting your business listed, or getting more exposure online, please be sure to contact New Web Experts. our source for computer and tech goodies

Our team of New Web Experts computer consultants and gurus often need new computer parts and hardware to repair various computers and machines. We look for quality, recognized brands to ensure the parts we install last. At the same time, we search for parts at an affordable price, so we can save our clients money. The best place to find high-quality computer parts while saving money while computer consulting is

Whether you are a computer consultant on the New Web Experts team or just a regular consumer who likes tech products, should be your source for computer and consumer electronics. The site is just like most online retailers, offering regular deals, great products and affordable prices. What sets apart from the rest is that its community of users fuels the site with regular feedback, reviews and recommendations. Even if you know nothing about a particular product, if someone has bought it, you’ll be sure to find a review. This helps weed out bad computer parts and products and makes sure that the best RAM, hard drives and computer fans are found.

If you haven’t visited the site, New Web Experts highly recommends using for your next computer part or tech purchase. If you are in the Palm Springs, Riverside or San Bernardino county areas, we may be able to help you with your next computer upgrade with the help of products from If you are not in the area, New Web Experts may still be able to help you, just feel free to contact us with your questions.

A Basic Diagram to SEO

How does your website climb search engines? The answer lies within how well your website is Search Engine Optimized and Search Engine Friendly it is. But then comes the obvious question, how do you get your website Search Engine Optimized and Search Engine Friendly enough that search engines start noticing you? What factors is your website graded on? Which factors are the most useful and give you the best ratings with search engines? These are not easy questions to answer. Each search engine has their own parameters for what types of websites make the front page. While there are dozens of factors to keep in mind, New Web Experts will attempt to simplify it with our diagram below.

SEO Diagram

A couple of the most important factors to search engine placement is Relevancy and Popularity. These are broad terms and can be broken down even more to more specific factors and elements of your website. Relevancy can be simply explained as the measurement of the keywords you want to be found under and how much they show up throughout your website. Keyword density, keywords in your domains, keywords in your titles and so forth all work towards your website’s relevancy. Popularity measures the things such as backlinks, traffic of your website and most importantly quality of traffic coming to your website and website pages.

While this is a broad stroke across the topic of search engine ranking, it will go a long way into understanding how and why your website is ranked the way it is. More importantly how you can improve your search engine ranking.

If you need consultation on improving your website’s search engine ranking or replacing your outdated website with a more interactive and advanced website system, feel free to contact New Web Experts.

Safest web browser is IE9…?

Microsoft Internet Explorer has gotten a lot of ire from users and internet web designers. However a recent study by NSS Labs may have something good to say about Microsoft’s latest interation of it’s web browser.

Who's the safest of them all?

NSS Labs tested a variety of internet browsing programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. These browsers were tested on how well they could detect social-malware and other spyware. Mozilla Firefox 4 and Apple’s Safari both scored a 7.6% detection rate and Google Chrome 12 had a 13.2%. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 had a staggering 96% detection rate, making it the safest browser according to this study!

However, these results could be misleading. Other studies and sites show IE scoring much lower. SecurityFocus has a growing list of vulnerabilities with IE9, and IE8 has over 60 vulnerabilities recorded some years old.

The best way to stay safe on the web is to only to browse trusted websites, don’t download unknown files or click on ads. In addition, have an updated antivirus and firewall program installed on your computer. Then have a computer IT specialist regularly scan and inspect your computer for any hidden malware.

If you would like to have the New Web Experts team of IT specialists help make sure your computer is clean of viruses and spyware, please contact us today. We can help come on location if you are local to the Palm Springs and Southern California area or provide remote computer support.

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