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You may have heard that it is important to update your website on a regular basis. How often your website is updated is definitely an important factor that determines your website's search ranking. However before you start flooding your website with updates, here are two important things to keep in mind when updating your website with new content.

1) Is this update relevant? :: You may remember our article on search engine relevancy (click here to read the article). Every new piece of content on your website should be relevant to your business. Otherwise it may actually hurt your website's overall search engine ranking.



2) Does this update have good key word density? :: This ties in with search engine relevancy. Content you publish on your website should consist of 8-10% of the keywords you want to be found under in search engines. Posting content that does not contain the keywords you want to be found under will end up diluting your overall key word density, thereby negatively effecting your search engine ranking.

Remember that it is important to update your website with a purpose. You need to keep your new content relevant and on topic for it to be of any use to your search engine ranking. Consider letting Palm Springs' premier website company help you went it comes to updating and administrating your website. We have cost-effective options that can fit any budget and our friendly website technicians are available to help you every step of the way.