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Cloud Computing
New Web Experts is always trying to demystify the Web 2.0 movement and the latest advances in emarketing technology. Not just to educate our visitors and clients, but to show how it can be practically applied to your own company’s website and online presence. A term that has been becoming quite popular is “cloud-based” or “cloud development”. This doesn’t mean that e-marketing has turned an interest into meteorological study. Being cloud based means that information is kept online rather than being installed on a single computer. With the advances in internet technology and bandwidth speeds being higher than ever, many solutions are turning to being cloud-based. Most webmail and ecommerce is performed cloud based, holding your data on servers rather than being downloaded directly to your computer. For those using iPhones, MobileME is a cloud-based system for syncing your phone and other vital data. Google develops solely with the cloud based structure in mind. There are many advantages to being cloud-based. For one, programmers don’t have to worry about programming for individual operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux); they can just focus on programming it for internet accessibility. Two, it is easier to access. As long as you have a device that can access the internet, you can access your cloud based solution and data anytime. Cloud technology is a byproduct of the latest in online technology. It can be very useful for your company’s emarketing and online presence. New Web Experts can help share the benefits of technology when creating a custom website package for you and your business. Feel free to contact us or get started with a project quote.