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Casting Call v2 - an evolving project analysis

For those who check the New Web Expert’s website, they may be familiar with one of our biggest projects: Casting Call. This has been an exciting and challenging web project for New Web Experts as we had to convert the old magazine into an active online publication. Just recently New Web Experts has had the pleasure to release the second version of Casting Call online. The Casting Call project is a prime example of New Web Expert’s constant dedication to its clientele.

Casting Call Logo
Many times when a company starts their new web presence and online marketing, the very basics must be met first. New Web Experts had to give rush priority for this particular project and succeeded in developing a web system that supports online publication, casting call management, community member database and much more. However, as a project grows, so do its needs in terms of the online marketing. Being in constant communication with the Casting Call team, New Web Experts proposed a website update and redesign to represent the new direction the project is heading. Version 1 of Casting Call helped to establish the online presence of a classic magazine. Version 2 is the evolution of the online web system and project as the community of users behind it has grown and plans for the project are looking higher towards the horizon.

Let New Web Experts support your company and project with the best in online marketing. Our team of web developers are always in communication and consulting with our clients advising them in the best way to maximize their online marketing effectiveness. Contact us or request a free quote today for more information on our services.

Casting Call

Sonja Farling international model and actress

Sonja FarlingNew Web Experts specializes in multiple fields and industries, providing customized advanced website systems and online marketing to people and businesses that need it. We have proprietary systems developed especially for Real Estate brokers and agents, not to mention a variety of ways to accommodate e-commerce for small and large businesses. New Web Experts also specializes in providing high quality and robust multimedia website systems specially tailored for those in the entertainment industry. Our latest project for an international star and model, Sonja Farling, demonstrates this.

Having team members who have experience in the entertainment industry, New Web Experts knows how to develop a cost-effective website package that can meet an actor, director, model or movie star’s online presence. We look forward to developing an exciting website and online marketing branding for Sonja Farling giving the very best impression the first time through her website and various multimedia content.

For anyone involved in the entertainment industry, having effective online web marketing is a must. Be sure to contact us with all your questions as New Web Experts is always eager to bring the very best in online marketing to those that need it. Or fill out a free quote for your particular project today.

Sonja Filmography

Exit the Movie New Web Experts website started!

New Web Experts has recently started developing an advanced website system for an international martial arts drama movie. Exit the Movie is a full budget movie looking forward to becoming an international blockbuster. Before the movie has even started shooting, the Ramin Films production team realized the need for an advanced and graphically robust website system capable of handling large amounts of multimedia. They came to New Web Experts to create this advanced website system and to help with the project’s overall branding and content.

Exit The Movie New Web Experts Website coming soon

New Web Experts approaches this project with plans to create multiple versions of the site to bring the best online experience to the multitude of target audiences in Europe, Middle East and United States. Different areas of the world have great differences with bandwidth, browsers and overall online internet technology. This is a great challenge for any online media company, but New Web Experts brings its vast knowledge and experience to create the best version of the Exit movie website to the proper audience. Check back soon in the New Web Experts Portfolio to see all the details of this exciting movie project.

New Website for New Web Experts

New Web Experts LogoNew Web Experts has their new website up and running. With it, we plan to keep our clients and the public informed about our latest developments, projects and news regarding us. Please take some time to browse through the site. View our projects new and old in the Portfolio page. Read about how we can help your business by visiting the Solutions page. Interested in getting started with one of our premium services? Feel free to request a quote by filling out the form on the Quote page. If you have any questions about our various services, solutions or about IT in general, drop by the Contact page. And of course, for the latest information from the New Web Experts team, be sure to visit the Blog page.

New Ozone Web Project

Aqua Sun Ozone - New Website in production

Internationally providing the very best in air, water and food sanitation products and devices, Aqua Sun Ozone recognized the need for an advanced Web 2.0 style website. Their original website was woefully out of date utilizing rudimentary html and lacking in any significant Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Friendliness or other advanced online features that are necessary for an effective business website. New Web Experts has gladly tackled the challenge to create a custom, Web 2.0 website system for Aqua Sun Ozone.

In addition to updating their product catalogue and existing material, Aqua Sun Ozone needed to improve their web presence – both graphically with a robust and professional design and technically with advanced and user-friendly Web 2.0 features. Effective execution of e-commerce is one of the top priorities for the Aqua Sun Ozone project, making it easy to purchase any of the fine products Aqua Sun Ozone provides. Providing a blogging system for regular product updates and Ozone science facts is also a key feature to Aqua Sun Ozone’s new website system. New Web Experts is developing unique content for Aqua Sun Ozone with an interactive Flash based house display for visitors to browse through their products for direct application for home use. As their new website system progresses, New Web Experts will also be assisting Aqua Sun Ozone with their Social Network Integration and utilizing popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

New Web Experts is excited to help international businesses build up their web presence to fully represent their products and services to the fullest. Check back soon in our Portfolio for the full details on the completed Aqua Sun Ozone advanced website system.